Monetize your audience with Telegram private channels or groups

Create your own customized Telegram bot via PaidSub bot builder and sell paid content subscriptions
PaidSub Bot Features
Payment options
Create your own Telegram bot via PaidSub bot builder and monetize your audience easy as 1-2-3
PaidSub offers a variety of payment options for your audience convinience. And yours' too, of course!
Subscription control automation
Stop losing your time on the subscription control and looking for those subscribers who didn't pay in time. Better invest this time into content and growth!
Your subscribers will be notified about subscription renewal in automated way.
Mailing system
Create special offers for your subscribers and notify them via in-built mailing system.
No need to share your credentials - stay anonymous
Multi-language support
PaidSub helps selling content worldwide
How does PaidSub work?
Create your own Telegram bot via PaidSub
Connect created bot to your private Telegram channel / group
Share the link with your audience
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