Earn by selling paid subscriptions in Telegram

Create a personal Telegram bot using PaidSub and automate the sale of access to paid content of your channel or group.
Who can find PaidSub useful?
You can create public content on any platform and sell the exclusive one in private Telegram channel or group via bot created by PaidSub
PaidSub Bot Features
Accept payments
Create your Telegram bot through the Paid Bot Builder and start monetizing your audience.
PaidSub has its own payment system built into it. Create tariffs - one-time or monthly with automatic debit from users' cards, and then withdraw funds to your card without any withdrawal fee.
Automates control
The bot will independently grant access to users when payment for a subscription and delete it after it ends. The bot does everything for you, and you focus on creating content!
It is possible to configure automatic notifications, and you will also be shown extended and detailed statistics, including attendance, conversion, revenue and many other indicators.
Increase sales
The re-touch system itself will contact those who have not made a purchase according to the text you specified. And the A/B testing function will allow you to choose the most effective text.
You create your own fully customized as you want bot , and it will significantly increase the audience's trust in your product.
Communicate with subscribers via a bot, create distribution for the entire audience, or for individual groups.
How does PaidSub work?
Create your own Telegram bot via PaidSub
Connect created bot to your private Telegram channel / group
Share the link with your audience
Need help?
Feel free to ask them in our Support bot.