Who can find PaidSub useful?

You can create public content on any platform and sell the exclusive one in private Telegram channel or group via bot created by PaidSub.

Bloggers / Vloggers
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Education courses creators
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Financial / Crypto analytics
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News / Media
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Podcaster / Radio
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And other content owners
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How much can you earn

Calculate your monthly earnings when working with us.

The number of clicks to the bot is the proportion of your audience on social networks and other platforms that clicked to the Telegram bot.

The price of a monthly subscription — how much the subscription costs, the calculator subtracts the service commission itself.

Number of clicks to the bot
100 people
Monthly subscription price
1 $
Your monthly income
8,5 $

PaidSub Bot Features

Create your Telegram bot through the Paid Bot Builder and start monetizing your audience.

Accept payments
PaidSub has its own payment system built into it. Create tariffs - one-time or monthly with automatic debit from users' cards, and then withdraw funds to your card without any withdrawal fee.
Automates control
The bot will independently grant access to users when payment for a subscription and delete it after it ends. The bot does everything for you, and you focus on creating content!
It is possible to configure automatic notifications, and you will also be shown extended and detailed statistics, including attendance, conversion, revenue and many other indicators.
Increase sales
The re-touch system itself will contact those who have not made a purchase according to the text you specified. And the A/B testing function will allow you to choose the most effective text.
You create your own fully customized as you want bot , and it will significantly increase the audience's trust in your product.
Communicate with subscribers via a bot, create distribution for the entire audience, or for individual groups.

How does PaidSub work?

Create your own Telegram bot via PaidSub
Connect created bot to your private Telegram channel / group
Share the link with your audience
Earn now Learn more

Answers to popular questions

How it works

The administrator binds the bot to his channel, sets up tariff plans.

Subscribers enter the bot, choose a tariff, make a payment and get access to a channel or group. The administrator receives a notification of a successful purchase.

What are the benefits of PaidSub

1) Accepting payments

PaidSub has its own payment system built into it, it fully automates the process of accepting payments and supports functions such as:

  • Recurring payments (auto-debit at the end of the subscription period for your content).
  • One-time payments (the user pays one time).
  • Payments with a trial period (gives access to content for 1 ruble for the period specified by you, at the end the full amount is debited).

2) Automation

The bot will independently provide access to users when paying for a subscription and delete it after it ends. It is possible to set up automatic notifications, you will be shown extended and detailed statistics: attendance, conversion, income and much more.

3) Marketing tools

Marketing tools will multiply your sales:

  • Customization;
  • Repeated touches (automatic mailings to those who have not bought a subscription after a specified period of time, increasing the conversion);
  • A/B testing (a tool that allows you to determine which text and image is most effective).
How to get started

Step 1

Go to the "My bots" button and click "Create a bot". Next, use @BotFather to create your own bot and add it to PaidSub.

Step 2

Go to the bot you created and go to the "Administration" menu. This menu can only be seen by the owner of the bot.

Step 3

Go to the "Tariffs" menu and create a new tariff with the parameters you want.

If you want to enable the "Trial period" for this tariff, then go to the tariffs menu again and select the created tariff. There you can change the current settings and enable or disable the "Trial period".

Step 4

Go to the "Marketing Tools" menu. Next, click on the "Customization" menu and customize the appearance of the bot, as well as the welcome text.

Step 5

Everything is ready for work. Now you can share a link to a chatbot and earn on sales. Good luck!

If you have any questions, you can always ask our support @PaidSubSupportBot.

How many channels or chats can I connect

Unlimited amount.

How long does a subscription last

How much was specified by the Administrator of a private channel or chat. The subscription can be either for one day/week/month, etc.

For tariffs with recurring payments, a month/three months/half a year/year.

Is it possible to work with legal entities

Yes, upon request.

Need help?

Feel free to ask them in our Support bot.